About Us

If you are seeking advice for a healthier life, Livemedy gives you 24/7 online access to medical doctors, dentists, psychologists, dietitians and veterinarians.

If you are a healthcare professional who is seeking to help people online, you are in the right place.

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What We Do?

Fair access to healthcare is an ongoing problem for many around the world. We believe that each and every individual should have easy and affordable access to a healthcare professional, regardless of their location. We are here to democratize healthcare services.

How We Help?

Livemedy provides 24/7 online access to medical doctors, dentists, psychologists, dietitians and veterinarians. It is a one stop healthcare platform for professionals to support people seeking for advice.

Unlike other online options for advice, Livemedy connects you with healthcare professionals via videocall in less than one minute. We also do not require you to answer endless questions in advance. You can see a healthcare professional immediately.

In addition to seeing a healthcare professional anytime online, with Livemedy you can also schedule appointments, search for healthcare professionals and store your medical data in one place.

Livemedy is 100% secure. All complaints are kept strictly confidential and online appointments are end-to-end encrypted without any recording.

Who We Help?

Livemedy healthcare professionals can give advice for you, your family and your pets when you have questions, when you are ill or when you have a health concern.

On Livemedy, you can also get a second opinion from a healthcare professional on your chronic diseases, past diagnosis, MRI and X-ray images and lab results.

Why Livemedy?

Access to healthcare is often hindered by lack of funds, time or location. Timely medical advice, if accessible, could not just prevent last minute health emergencies from emerging too late for treatment but also alleviate the costly burden on public and private health services overrun by lack of space, personnel or resources.

Livemedy seeks to provide digital solutions to address this widespread problem around the world and to democratize access to healthcare professionals.

With Livemedy, users can access to healthcare professionals anywhere and anytime when they need medical advice so long as they are connected to the internet. Healthcare professionals on the other hand, can provide their services to a larger group of people in need and at the same time extend their geographical reach.