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Easy access to healthcare professionals via video call, 24/7, online. Create complaints, upload medical reports, keep track of your and your loved ones' health.

On Your Schedule

Reach out to healthcare professionals whenever and wherever you need immediately or schedule appointments for later. Stay connected as much as you want in full privacy.

Pay Per Minute

Get charged once your appointment ends. Total amount is calculated according to the duration of your appointment and pricing is determined by the healthcare professionals.

About Us What We Do

Fair access to healthcare is an ongoing problem for many around the world. We believe that each and every individual should have easy and affordable access to a healthcare professional, regardless of their location. We are here to democratize healthcare.

Livemedy provides 24/7 online access to medical doctors, dentists, psychologists, dietitians and veterinarians. It is a one stop healthcare platform for professionals to support people seeking for advice.

What do people say about Livemedy?

Eda G*****
Livemedy is my first choice in health. Easy and convenient. No need to wait in line to see a doctor.
Ecem E*****
It's great that I can see a doctor anytime I need. Livemedy helped me through tough times.
Emre S*****
Livemedy helped me cope with anxiety attacks throughout the pandemic. I was able to connect to a psychologist online anytime I needed.
Cemre C*****
In just a few minutes, I was able to find what my kitten needed after I connected to a veterinarian on Livemedy.

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