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      remote healthcare with Livemedy

Healthcare Professionals

  • Be recognized not only where you work, but all over the world.
  • Create your professional profile at no cost.
  • Build your detailed professional profile with your biography, clinical interests, publications, certificates and awards.
  • Determine your appointment time, appointment calendar, and appointment fee yourself.
  • End your calls whenever you want with a per-minute rate.
  • Make instant calls after getting “online” whenever you want.
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Healthcare Facilities

  • Digitize your health institution and open it to the whole world.
  • Reduce the burden of primary consultations in your institution by providing a quick and easy solution to your patients.
  • Reduce the intensity in your health institution by monitoring chronic patients remotely.
  • Increase the income of your physicians and your institution with remote appointments.
  • Maximize your patient satisfaction with e-prescription and e-report integrations.
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