Smile Design in Orthodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry

Dentist Volkan Aykaç



Aesthetics are becoming more and more important in all areas of dentistry. With the development of technology; digital software has enabled the development of more effective communication tools in the field of dentistry. The use of techniques such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and automatic segmentation in the fields of aesthetic dentistry and orthodontics makes it possible for dentists to be much more effective in treatment planning. With Invisalign and similar treatments, orthodontic treatments without braces and wires can be performed with the use of transparent plates. This way, with a more comfortable, hygienic and aesthetic process, closing disorders, crowding and position irregularities of the teeth can be eliminated. Thanks to the introduction of intraoral scanners and digital dentistry software, a patient's colorful 3D tooth and face model can be prepared in minutes, and teeth can be segmented automatically in seconds with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning based on data. As a result of this preparation, the result of the treatment can be seen digitally through simulations before starting treatment and exchange of ideas can be made on different treatment plans.

These simulations and treatment plans are not limited to orthodontics. In applications such as aesthetic dentistry, implant planning, gingival pink aesthetic planning, prostheses and laminae, it enables the communication of dentists, patients and technicians at an advanced level than before. Thanks to the use of augmented reality software in dentistry, patients can experience how alternative smile designs feel while looking in a mirror on the tablet screen within seconds, and effective communication between the physician / patient / technician trio can be established from the very beginning of the treatment. This digital process can be reflected to reality through 3D printers and CAD / CAM devices. Thus, the patient, who performs the first test drive in digital environments, can experience the rehearsals (wax-up, mock-up) in the real environment in his mouth without going through continuous procedures, and even at this stage, he can have a functional and aesthetic smile.

This whole process has been greatly accelerated thanks to digital technologies, change requests can be met very quickly and teamwork has been made possible. In cases where orthodontics and aesthetics need to be planned together, orthodontic simulations can be performed without waiting for the end of orthodontic treatment, and smile designs can be made from the very beginning of the whole process. Dentistry approaches of our age, keeping up with the communication age, made it possible to realize more effective, functional and aesthetic treatments. Thanks to software and material technology, which are increasingly included in our lives, everyone can now achieve the smile they desire.